Signet Staff

You will absolutely love working with the team at Signet Mortgage Corporation.  Signet is small enough so you can call anyone in the office and get an answer to your question.  At Signet we utilize a shared e-mail for the entire team so that we can be sure to get on your request immediately.  It’s my pleasure to introduce the team…


Sandy is a 30 year veteran of the mortgage industry having ran her own wholesale mortgage company.  Sandy’s experience comes in particularly useful when we want to qualify a borrower in an unusual situation. If it can be done, Sandy and Clay will figure it out.


Katie is on the firing line when it comes to getting conditions cleared by the lender. She is tenacious in responding to underwriter’s quirky requests always trying to find a way to make the entire process a bit smoother for our clients.


Robin will generally be the person submitting your loan to the lender. Quality in = quality out, so Robin’s role is very important to submit complete and clean files so the underwriting process goes as smooth as possible.


Alyssa is in charge of the marketing and administrative tasks for Signet. She helps build and maintain client relationships and assists in making sure the office is organized and running efficiently.


Clay has responsibility for the office and is the designated broker for Signet Mortgage Corporation. Questions regarding loan program specifics, rates, fees, and pricing need to be handled by your license loan officer or Clay.